Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fox In a Box

Hard Candy Fox In a Box in Smooth Talker (left) and Truth Or Dare (right)

Hard Candy Fox In a Box in Smooth Talker (left) and Truth Or Dare (right)
Being a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics boxes of powder, I just had to try these Hard Candy Fox In a Box blushes.  Foremost, the packaging is so cute and very much like Benefit's packaging.  I actually like that the Hard Candy boxes have a magnetic closure; the Benefit boxes have lids that must be removed.  As far as the actual product goes, I don't think that the colors or pigmentation are stellar with either of the blushes I sampled, but they are decent.  The blush and bronzer combo would be a good purchase for someone who is just starting to build a makeup collection or for those looking for a two-in-one product.  I'll stick with my Benefit boxes of powder for their overall better quality, but Fox In a Box is a cheap alternative.

At face value, Benefit Sugarbomb and Hard Candy Smooth Talker look pretty much the same, but they are definitely different.  You can see in my swatches below that Sugarbomb is more of a shimmery pink, while Smooth Talker is less shimmery and more of a peach shade.  Smooth Talker is also less densely packed and more powdery than Sugarbomb.  I think that Smooth Talker is an okay product, but I would not repurchase it.  I was hoping that at $8 the Hard Candy Fox In a Box would be a dupe for my beloved Benefit Sugarbomb which retails for $28.  But, no such luck!

Left to right: Hard Candy Truth Or Dare, Benefit Sugarbomb, Hard Candy Smooth Talker

Have you tried a Fox In a Box?  What are your thoughts on these blushes?

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