Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Avon Haul

Avon Nail Experts Fresh Aloe Cuticle Gel & Avon Magix Face Perfector
For those of you who have not tried Avon products, you are missing out!   I have only been ordering through my Avon rep for a little over a year now, but most of the products I have tried I have really liked and ordered over and over again.  The Magix Face Perfector being one of those.  I think this is a really wonderful face primer; it blends into my skin well, leaves my face feeling smooth and looking noticeably fresh and matte.  Additionally, it is SPF 20; this is great because everyone should have a little sun protection.  I really love two-in-one products like this for days when I am in a rush and need to speed up my makeup routine.  I cannot stress enough how important a good face primer is!  I don't know how I went so many years without using one; primers make applying and blending foundation and blush so much easier, as well as improving the longevity of your makeup wear throughout the day.  At $8 to $10 depending on whether or not it is on sale, Magix Face Perfector is a great buy.

I have been trying out the Avon Nail Experts Fresh Aloe Cuticle Gel for about a week now.  So far, I am really liking this product.  I was in love with Avon's lavender cuticle oil pen, but it was discontinued...sigh.  (On a side note: If you find something you love from Avon, order backups, as products come and go frequently.)  So, I thought I would try the cuticle gel to see how it compared.  The gel smells lovely, it has a light, fresh scent.  I find that the gel formula is really nice to apply to my cuticles because it does not drip like many oils do.  You only need to use the very tiniest dab of this; so, a tube will probably last quite some time.  And, the gel really feels moisturizing, which is of course the most important thing!

 Mark Infinity and Beyond Scarf
I also ordered this gray and white striped cotton infinity scarf from the Mark catalog.  I have picked up on the scarf trend and become totally obsessed with scarfs lately.  And, this scarf is a great addition to my collection.  It is really soft and adds a nice accent to an otherwise boring casual look.  I have ordered other Mark accessories in the past, and they are always great quality and super cute, too!

I welcome any comments about this post and would love to know if there are any makeup products my readers are curious about.


  1. Glad you like your new products. Love the scarf, I may have to order it now! :) The new products you wanted to try came in today. Thanks so much for promoting Avon! I'll see you soon.

  2. You've sold me on the Magix, especially when it's on sale for $6.99 in the campaign 7 book. :) Definitely giving it a try.

    Have you tried the mark Cheekblossom Cheek Color Tint? I saw it on the website and I'm intrigued. It looks quick and easy, which is what I'm always looking for.


  3. Shelly, I have been intrigued by the Cheekblossom Cheek Color Tint, too. I will be testing it soon and will post a review of it. Thanks for reading!