Thursday, March 31, 2011

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin!

Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Shower Cream

I received a tube of Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Shower Cream as a gift for Christmas and have not stopped using this stuff ever since.  This body wash worked wonders on my dry, itchy winter skin!  This is the first moisturizing body wash that has ever left my skin feeling moisturized all day long!  The body wash lathers nicely and feels slightly oily in the shower, but after toweling off, my skin just feels silky smooth and smells wonderful.  The scent variety in the picture is Dark Lilies; however, this is not my favorite scent.  So far, Secret Wonderland is the best scent I've tried.  The only bad thing I can say about this product is that the tube is hard to squeeze as it gets near to being empty which can be slightly annoying with wet hands.  But, the results for my skin are so good that I can overlook the packaging flaws.  This body wash retails for $12 at Bath & Body Works, but the store always has some sort of sale going on. So, you never pay full price.

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